M's Canvashouse Needlepoint Thread Catalog

Please refer to
Rainbow Gallery color card list for Splendor. Elegance(E) and Splendor(S) share the same numbering system.
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$3.75 20yd/card

Congress Cloth, Hardanger, Tatting; twisted Silk Pearl #8
Fiber content -100% silk

M's Canvashouse carriesElegance in the following Colors:

E800 Cool White
E801 Black
E802 White
E804 Champagne
E805 Pale Pink
E808 Med Purple
E809 Dark Purple
E811 Lavender
E812 Dk Lavender
E813 Rose Pink
E814 Rose
E815 Flesh
E816 Pink
E817 Pumpkin
E818 Peach
E820 Ruby Red
E821 Medium Red
E822 Dark Red
E823 Lt Ant. Mauve
E824 Antique Mauve
E825 Dk Ant Mauve
E826 Burgundy
E827 Dk Burgandy
E829 Christmas Gr
E830 Lite Sea Green
E831 Forest Green
E832 Dark Green
E836 Dk Forest Green
E837 Sea Green
E840 Camel
E844 Dark Fawn
E851 Brown
E853 Dark Brown
E854 Blue
E855 Blue Blush
E858 Medium Blue
E860 Lite Sky Blue
E862 Dk Wedgewood
E864 Dk Periwinkle
E870 Green Aqua
E877 Gold
E878 Maize
E880 Teal
E884 Baby Pink
E887 Rust
E891 Smoke Gray
E892 Lite Taupe
E899 Dark Ecru
E900 Pale Beige
E901 Pl Golden Brown
E903 Med Golden Brown
E905 Lt Pistachio Green
E906 Med Pistachio Gr
E907 Dk Pistachio Gr
E913 Shell Pink
E914 Lite Ant Blue
E915 Antique Blue
E916 Dk Antique Blue
E923 Med Dk Flesh
E930 Lite Pearl Gray
E932 Lt Blue Violet
E933 Golden Yellow
E936 Med Amethyst
E953 Med Ant Mauve
If you wish to order more than 1 color, you will need to toggle back and forth between the product listing and it's Order page, and order each color individually.


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