M's Canvashouse Needlepoint Thread Catalog


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$3.50   10 yd/card

Needlepoint - 14-18 count canvas; long stitches on 16-24 count
Fiber content - 100% tubular nylon netting - wonderful for painted canvas

M's Canvashouse carries Flair in the following Colors:

F501 Black
F502 White
F504 True Ecru
F505 Pale Pink
F506 Rose Pink
F507 Baby Pink
F508 Pink Blush
F510 Lite Ant. Mauve
F511 Antique Mauve
F512 Dk Ant. Mauve
F515 Red Violet
F516 Dark Red Violet
F517 Pale Ant. Violet
F518 Lite Ant. Violet
F519 Antique Violet
F521 Pale Fuchsia
F522 Light Fuchsia
F523 Fuchsia
F524 Wild Rose
F525 Pale Peach
F526 Dark Peach
F527 Terra Cotta
F528 Deep Garnet
F529 Dark Red
F530 Christmas Red
F531 Grass Green
F533 Med. Christmas Green
F534 Christmas Green
F535 Forest Green
F536 Lite Sea Green
F537 Sea Green Blush
F538 Sea Green
F539 Deep Sea Green
F542 Medium Aquamarine
F543 Dark Aquamarine
F551 Lite Tan
F552 Champagne
F554 Golden Brown
F556 Dark Brown
F557 Blue Blush
F558 Pale Baby Blue
F559 Royal Blue
F560 Lite Baby Blue
F562 Dark Blue
F565 Antique Blue Mist
F566 Lite Antique Blue
F567 Antique Blue
F568 Dark Antique Blue
F569 Lite Sapphire
F570 Med. Sapphire
F571 Dark Sapphire
F572 Yellow
F573 Golden yellow
F574 Orange
F577 Lite Purple
F578 Medium Purple
F579 Dark Purple
F580 Pale Periwinkle
F581 Med. Periwinkle
F582 Dark Periwinkle
F583 Lite Rose Pink
F584 Rose Pink
F589 Blue Mist
F590 Gray Blush
F591 Pale Gray
F593 Dark Gray
F596 Lite Fawn
F598 Dark Fawn

If you wish to order more than 1 color, you will need to toggle back and forth between the product listing and it's Order page, and order each color individually.


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