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Frosty Rays
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$4.00 5 yd/card

Needlepoint 14 - 18 count; long stitch 16 - 22 count
Fiber content - 100% tubular nylon mesh with metallic thread running through tube

M's Canvashouse carries Frosty Rays in the following Colors:

Gloss Colors (Colors of Flair with colors of Tiara)
Y004 Fawn
Y005 Pale Pink
Y007 Rose Peach
Y021 Black Multi
Y022 Aqua
Y023 Dark Waters
Y024 Turquoise
Y026 Christmas
Y027 Sea Green
Y028 Dark Aqua
Y029 Deep Sea Green
Y030 Pale Ant Blue
Y033 Pale Sapphire
Y034 Lt Sapphire
Y035 Med Sapphire
Y038 Aqua Shimmer
Y042 Dark Blue
Y043 Very Dk Blue
Y045 Dark Antique Blue
Y047 Lite Blue
Y054 Dark Periwinkle
Y056 Med Purple
Y059 Golden Yellow
Y061 Yellow
Y066 Bronze
Y069 Black
Y071 Christmas Red
Y072 Dark Red
Y081 Grass Green
Y084 Med Olive Green
Y086 Dark Olive Green
Y090 Green Sparkle
Y094 Medium Orange
Y097 Brown Sparkle
Y099 Silvery Pink
Y320 Pale Rose Violet
Y321 Rose Violet
Y328 Lite Cranberry
Y329 Cranberry
Y339 Med Grass Green
Y348 Burnt Orange
Y355 Tree Green
Y361 Very Dark Pewter

Pearl Colors
(with White Pearl Tiara)
Y101 Bright Yellow
Y104 Golden Yellow
Y106 Pale Pink
Y107 Lite Rose Pink
Y109 Baby Pink
Y110 Lt Ant Mauve
Y111 Antique Mauve
Y125 Pale Peach
Y127 Dk Peach
Y147 Aqua
Y148 Pale Aqua
Y151 Lite Tan
Y171 Med Periwinkle
Y172 Dk Periwinkle
Y189 Blue Blush

Ice Colors
(with White Flair)
Y201 Pale Gold
Y203 Silver
Y217 White Pearl
Y218 Gold
Y220 Pale Blue
Y222 Violet

If you wish to order more than 1 color, you will need to toggle back and forth between the product listing and it's Order page, and order each color individually.


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