M's Canvashouse Needlepoint Thread Catalog
Sparkle Rays Petite
$4.75 10yd/card

1.5mm Ribbon
Needlepoint 18 Count canvas, Cross Stitch 11 to 14 Count
Fiber content - 97% Polyester, 3% Nylon

M's Canvashouse carries Sparkle Rays Petite in the following Colors:

Day Glo Colors
PS02 Lime
PS03 Lemon
PS04 Melon
PS05 Orange
Shimmer Colors
PS20 Black
PS21 White
PS22 Lite Pewter
PS25 Sea Green
PS26 Pink
PS27 Bright Yellow
PS28 Christmas Green
PS29 Christmas Red
PS30 Burgundy
PS32 Antique Mauve
PS33 Peach
PS34 Dark Peach
PS35 Aqua
PS36 Lite Turquoise
PS37 Turquoise
PS38 Lt Cornflower
PS39 Cornflower
PS40 Dk Cornflower
PS42 Lavender
PS43 Dark Lavender
PS45 Mocha
PS47 Lt Xmas Green
PS48 Dk Xmas Green
PS49 Lite Xmas Green
PS50 Pale Yellow
PS51 Lite Yellow
PS52 Marigold
PS54 Pale Cornflower
PS58 Lite Pink
PS59 Hot Pink
PS66 Lite Periwinkle
PS67 Periwinkle
PS69 Sage Green
PS70 Ecru
PS72 Pale Colonial Blue

If you wish to order more than 1 color, you will need to toggle back and forth between the product listing and it's Order page, and order each color individually.


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