M's Canvashouse Needlepoint Thread Catalog

$3.00 10yd/card

Twisted Metallic for 18 Count canvas; 24 Count Congress; Cross Stitch
2 strands on 14 Count canvas, 1 strand on 18 Count canvas, long stitches on Congress Cloth

Fiber content - 65% viscose, 35% polyester

M's Canvashouse carries Tiara in the following Colors:

T101 Pale Gold
T103 Silver
T105 Bronze
T106 Copper
T107 Black
T109 Lite Blue Multi
T111 Royal Blue
T112 Midnight Blue
T113 Turquoise
T115 Red
T116 Purple
T117 White Pearl
T118 Gold
T119 Peach
T121 Lilac
T123 Pink
T224 Fuchsia
T126 Emerald
T127 Deep Red
T129 Yellow
T131 Lite Green
T132 Sky Blue
T135 Indigo
T137 Deep Turquoise
T140 Green Gold
T142 Christmas
T143 Ice Red
T144 Fire Cracker
T147 Night Sky

If you wish to order more than 1 color, you will need to toggle back and forth between the product listing and it's Order page, and order each color individually.

Manufacturer's Color Card
Custom Order
Price - $9.00


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