M's Canvashouse Needlepoint Thread Catalog
Very Velvet
$4.00   10yd/card

Velour-type yarn
Needlepoint 13 - 18 Count; Cross Stitch 7 - 9 Count
Fiber content - 100% nylon

M's Canvashouse carries Very Velvet in the following Colors:
V202 White
V203 Ecru
V204 Taupe
V207 Warm Brown
V209 Midnight Brown
V214 Garnet
V215 Lite Gray
V216 Dark Gray
V217 Peacock Blue
V218 Antique Blue
V219 Denim
V222 Green
V225 Olive
V226 Purple
V227 Eggplant
V232 Brite Red 
V233 Geranium 
V234 Brite Blue 
V235 Lite Violet 
V236 Lite Sea Green 
V237 Sea Green 
V238 Vy Dk Sea Green 
V239 Dk Terra Cotta 
V240 Blue Blush 
V241 Lt Antique Blue 
V242 Dk Navy Blue 
V243 Pale Golden Brown 
V245 Dk Golden Brown 
V247 Med Beige 
V248 Vy Dark Fawn 
V249 Teal 
V252 Hunter Green 
V253 Lt Antique Mauve 
V259 Pale Blue
V260 Blue
V261 Peach Flesh
V262 Green Aqua

If you wish to order more than 1 color, you will need to toggle back and forth between the product listing and it's Order page, and order each color individually.


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