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THREAD - Vineyard tone on tone

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Vineyard SilkTone onTone  Color Card
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Vineyard Silk is a superior Chinese silk thread for needlepoint and other needle crafts. It is non-strandable, and like other non-strandable fibers it is easy  and convenient to use.

The tonal dye process of Tone on Tone combines the luster of silk with lovely varigated colors ranging from softest pastels to rich intense full tones.  There are18 different tones available.

 $6.00     30 yard  skein.
Needlepoint 14 -18 count and other needle crafts. 
Fiber content - 100% Chinese Silk

M's Canvashouse carries Vineyard silk Tone on tone in the following Colors:

T-801 Floral
T-802  Brick
T-803 Pottery
T-804 Sunshine
T-805 Autumn Leaves
T-806 Gingerbread
T-807 Earth
T-808 Sand
T-809 Fur
T-810 Grass
T-811 Landscape
T-812 Sea

T-813 Caribbean
T-814 Sky
T-815 Atlantic
T-816 Hydrangea
T-817 Iris
T-818 Cobblestone

If you wish to order more than 1 color, you will need to toggle back and forth between the product listing and it's Order page, and order each color individually.


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