Custom Paint Orders

At M’s Canvashouse we are pro’s at custom paint, we have been doing them for over 30 years!
From belts designs to family crests, we can paint just about anything for you.
Let us take your idea and turn it into a needlepoint dream.

Things you should consider:

  1. Getting your ideas into the designer’s head can be a challenge. The more information we have from you the more successful we can be translating your design to canvas. Including pictures, drawings, and even written information about you project.
  2. Finished Size, mesh size will be needed as well. Here’s an example.
  3. The picture frame should have a 5 x 7 opening with two inches of design all the way around. The frame should be painted on 18 mesh canvas. It should be able to work with either horizonal or vertical picture.
  4. Do you need the threads to stitch the designs? We are glad to work with you and pull just the right threads to complete your project!
  5. Custom orders always take a while to complete because we usually have other people ahead of you and they do take more time to complete. Please be patient.
  6. An approximately 50% deposit must be made to start your paint order.